Selena Gomez is fat.

You know what really bothers me? When I take a revision break to check some showbiz websites (hiya dailymail, I'm looking at you) and there's pictures of a 'fat' Selena Gomez on holiday with friends being bashed for putting a bit of weight on. And when I say a bit, I mean probably 3-5lbs.

Yeah so I used to watch Wizards every so often, and yes I used to listen to her music (Who Says = my high school jammmm) but I wouldn't exactly call myself a number one fan. I do however think she is one of the most stunning women in the public eye.
After the photos became worldwide news, Selena came back with the best response possible, posting this photo saying she is happy with herself and there's just #MoreToLove.
She's also since been papped leaving restaurants holding packets of Cheetos which I can't help but assume is a big FU to the haters commenting on how she needs to stop eating as much. Amazing.

But she is only human. A 22 year old human that's been hospitalised in the past for putting too much stress on her body with her weight and appearance, so some aspects of it must have bothered her, even if it's just the fact that such a menial topic has become global news.

The comments on the articles were probably the worst part. Women and men who probably have children, nieces and godchildren Selena's age bashing her for 'wearing the wrong kind of suit for that big body' or 'becoming too thick around the edges'. Nice.

The part I find so interesting is the mix we have in the media right now regarding weight and healthy living. The #ImNoAngel and #NoThighGap hashtags have gained a crazy amount of traction across social media the past few weeks, with good reason.

The protein world 'Beach Body Ready' campaign also received a huge amount of stick for insinuating that only a certain type of body is acceptable to show on a beach, which sparked the #EveryBodyIsReady discussions.

When I saw the hashtags and worldwide involvement I got all 'yes this is amazing, people are focusing on being healthy to be happy, not skinny' and then three scrolls down there's yet another article talking about Selena losing the straight up-and-down body she had at 15.
All pictures https://instagram.com/selenagomez/
The annoying thing is, is that if Selena had started her career at the weight she is now, it wouldn't have been an issue, it would have just been who she is.

People don't expect everyone to have the exact same personality, so why are we expected to have the same body?

Remember - no one needs a thigh gap to be happy, and if someone tells you differently, throw a scone at them.

Hannah xx

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