Our Last Ever SU Night.

Since starting University in 2011 there's always been a rhythm to our nights out. Wednesday and Friday are the only acceptable times to do anything on or around campus. Others day of the week? Not so much.

Having already experienced our last Wednesday student night, all that was left was the Friday.

Following our ever so active day in the park, we got home and tried to muster as much energy as possible to keep going.

Yes, I made that sound like a task and very 'feel sorry for us socialising students', I know.

Anja (the Mum of the flat) cooked us up some carby fuel before we cleared the kitchen and continued the game theme of the day with beer pong.

Seriously can't believe I've only just discovered elderflower G&T's!

I learnt some very valuable lessons during the beer pong events - if you ever give Zoe a camera, the photos will be horrendous, zoomed and very fuzzy. Never again.

I wasn't that great at taking photos either, but nothing too exciting happened so it doesn't even matter.

Once we got to the SU it was far too hot and we escaped after about an hour.

Oh and MistaJam was there.

We got home about 3am, made food, some of us went to bed, others put hoodies on and went for a walk around campus to 1. see the sun come up 2. judge drunk people trying to pull.

The last part was bloody hilarious! We realised our campus security are useless and drunk people are very annoying, which made it all the more fun.

The kitchen didn't have quite as much fun as we did.

A new record, I would have to say.

Thankfully we cleaned it top to bottom the next day and promised to never go to global ever again.

Hannah xx

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