Natural Vs Straight - My Indecisive Hell

You know those days when you wake up and genuinely understand what Britney was doing in 2007 when she had dyed/cut/heated her hair to the point of ruin and just buzzed it all off? I get like that a lot (and yes I am deciding that she was just sick of her split ends, it had nothing to do with the mental health struggles she was dealing with. Nope. Brit <3)

Anyway, my natural hair is a redhead fuelled monster. It has a mind of its own and can shift between a huge, uncontrollably frizzy mess to a moderately controlled beach-wavy mass, depending on the day and how many important things I have to do that involve running into humans whom all have eyes, obviously.

My point is, sometimes I have to straighten my hair to let it look human, tamed and as if I actually give a shit, and then other times I just let it do its own thing and I miraculously don't look like I've been to a 34 week long festival.

Both sets of these photos were taken during the same week. One during date night (straight), the other before a Uni pub night (natural). The lighting was super different for both, which is why my hair looks different colours in both.

I love how long my hair feels when it is straight and have been obsessed with long, thick tresses (just wrote trusses, brilliant) for as long as I can remember, I just never seem to get mine to an acceptable length.

Maybe because when I'm stressed or concentrating I play with the ends, knot them up and pull 'em out. My hair, if I didn't have this incessant habit that makes me look like an idiot with no brain cells, would be down to my middle back, I am confident of it.

For that reason I'm trying not to straighten, blow-dry or even brush my hair that much right now. It's going okay but I am getting a bit sick of looking like a redheaded Hagrid day in, day out.

People don't understand the struggle is bloody real though. When it starts raining just a little bit and I crack a joke about my hair growing by the second, people tend to laugh. They don't get it's more of a subtle warning that we will most likely have to request an extra cab or larger dining table just so me, myself and my humongous wig can fit in with society.

I do feel lucky to have naturally big hair though. I have friends who have really straight, thin hair that they have to backcomb for ages to make look alive. Their hair always looks great, but they are limited to hairstyle options because of it. This is where having naturally unruly hair is good - you have options.

I have quite a few night outs coming up though and I can't decide how to have it for any of them. Options can sometimes be a bad thing I suppose. Especially if you're a woman, i.e, very indecisive.

So I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect beach-wave tamer for natural days and straightener serum for straight days (obv), gimme suggestions!

Anyone else have the curly Vs straight debate on a regular basis?

Hannah xx

Ps, this post successfully reminded me of how badly I have to do my eyebrows right now because they look nothing like they do in these photos. Such a task. Boreee.

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  1. I looove your hair curly, i think it´s super pretty! I have naturally straight hair, sometimes I get very slight waves when I don´t blow dry

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts