London 7s at Twickenham 2015

I spent Sunday in Twickenham at the London Rugby 7s continuing our end of exams celebrations. 

It ended up being perfect spectator weather which called for copious amounts of beer, G&T's and sunscreen. Fortunately we had the first two of those items.

Having never been to a sevens, I was keen to see if I would prefer it to a fifteen a side/80 min match. We (the girls) decided it didn't make a great deal of difference as long as they all wore the same shorts.

The theme was Galactic/Star Wars, hence why we were dressed up/accompanied by a blow up Alien (that's Alan FYI).

I became quite attached to my little Alien friend.

And so Alan went everywhere with me.

My sister also made the journey down from Nottingham which was a more than welcome visit from a nearest and dearest - I haven't been home in far too long.

The day was also a perfect opportunity for me to test out the mega claims my camera boasts about its zoom.

Pretty good, no?

After watching England get beaten twice and the USA win over Australia I was more than unimpressed and ready for home and a dominos pizza with Lauren.

Alan left feeling a little deflated too and I don't quite think he's recovered yet.

Hope you all had lovely weekends!

I dropped Lauren at the station yesterday morning and may have then popped into a few shops to purchase two pairs of jeans. Boat party on the thames tonight!

Hannah xx

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