Bitter or different? Who even cares.

Today's post is a bit of a rant, I won't lie. I apologise in advance and promise I'm not some weirdo that can't enjoy life, it's just that lately I've noticed how judgemental and bitter people can seem over little, tiny, inconsequential things.

Now I'm not jumping to conclusions and deciding that bitterness is exactly what they are intending to come across with, because that would make me just as judgemental, but it does seem as though a lot of people can't be happy for the simplest of things, like a friend's happiness, laughter or good news.

And when I say laughter or happiness, I'm simply referring to harmless forms of fun. The type that isn't hurting anything or anyone. The type that should be enjoyed, not judged.

Society is a bitch, it's true. People are criticised, laughed at for the smallest of things and judged for just about anything they do, but why?

You know those moments when you're with a friend and you literally cannot stop laughing. You have tears in your eyes, you're both struggling to breath and you just think about how much bloody fun you're having. That kind of laughing, joy and happiness should never be questioned.

You're having fun. Who has the right to judge you for that? Who has the time to judge you for that?

Belittling someone else's laughter just because you don't get it reflects more on your character than theirs. Let people have their own humour and laughs, who even cares if you understand it or not.

Everyone is different. Everyone is entitled to their own sense of humour. Everyone is allowed to find their own kind of funny in this world.

I know I'd much rather be the one that's crying from laughter with a sore stomach than the one sitting with a sour face, but I respect the sour faces, because I know they're just different.

So here's how I feel in a photo...

Hope you're all having FUN weekends!

Hannah xx

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