A Spontaneous Day of Freedom.

If you'd asked me at 10am yesterday what I intended to do for the day I would have said something entirely different to what actually happened.

I had set dinner plans with Uni friends for a 'Last Supper' before everyone leaves but the daytime looked a little less glam. I'm talking laundry, work, room packing and a workout, level of glam.

The workout part happened but the rest of the day became dedicated to sitting in the sun in Hyde Park, drinking cocktails, meeting new friends, catching up with old ones and finding out some serious gossip. Like oh-my-god-are-you-serious level of gossip. The best kind of gossip where you start to see people differently and wonder how you ever missed the signs.

It all changed at midday when I was sitting with that lovely post-shower wet hair/red face combo wondering why I wasn't out enjoying the sunshine and freedom I have at the minute.

I immediately attempted to make myself look human and headed over to Bond Street to meet up with Julia, Emma, Alia and Taylor.

They all went to the University of Alabama with my best friend Elena and recently graduated! So they're doing the exact same thing as me and enjoying the freedom they have right now.

Their plans for the next few weeks follow a bit of a crazy Euro trip format so yesterday was the only full day I could properly see them. We made the most of it with cookies and drinks.

And Cornish cheese biscuits, obv.

After what seemed like 20 minutes (but was actually closer to 2 hours) I left and headed to King's Cross to meet up with Anna.

Anna and I met at school in Milan when we were 16. We actually ended up at the same Uni together too but since she didn't do a placement, she's now graduated and abandoned me for bigger and better things - a masters at King's College.

She's currently living right by King's Cross station so I had to drop by and see her!

I got to have a good nosey around the nice halls she is staying in and have a quick catch up before leaving for dinner.

By the time I arrived the others had already made a hefty start on the cocktail menu, naturally.

You know you've got good friends when they greet you with one of these.

Then it was time to head next door for dinner.

'scuse the fuzzy phone photos.

Pip and I hadn't gossiped in at least 4 hours so it was well and truly time for a catch up!

We tried the whole phones in the middle of the table rule.

It turned into iPhone jenga.

No, that's not his jacket. Yes, it's on backwards.

Deep fried mozzarella balls to start was probably the best idea Zoe and I have ever had.

Garlic butter king prawns.

Classic Italian bruschetta.

The food was really good. Not far off food you'd get in Italy!

So good in fact we couldn't even push for dessert and all left feeling well and truly defeated.

It's rare that I get to the end of a day and think about how lovely it's been. Not because I don't enjoy them, it's just I don't always think like that.

I'm putting the loveliness down to the fact that I didn't feel guilty at all about not following my original plan for the day.

Hannah xx


  1. looks like you had a great day, unexpected spontaneous days are the best ones! Sometimes planning too much can destroy things. Lovely photos plus Annas hall room looks amazing! xx

    1. So sooo true! I find the same happens with nights out too, the best are always the least planned or anticipated. So jealous of her bloody room! xx