A Rounders Rest Day.

Last Friday marked the end of refreshers week 2015. We had one last night out planned for the evening, but the day time was officially dedicated to getting some rest.

Do you like how I made the week sound like a strenuous task there? My bad.

This 'rest' came in the form of ordering a rounders kit from Amazon and heading to the park for a primary school PE day.

I know, we are mature adults. I get it. There was beer involved if that helps?

Before impressing every passerby with our team skills we headed to Tesco for picnic food, because obv we needed fuel for the extensive activities that were to come.

We started with a rather exciting game I have named 'catch the ball and move'.

Wait no, I lied. We started with beer and sausage rolls. Then the olympic games commenced, once we all felt bloated and a little drunk. Well done, us.

Catch the ball and move is rather simple. You get into teams of two, throw the ball back and forth, and whichever team gets the furthest away from one another without dropping the ball, wins. Losers drink.

The winners also tend to drink but that's besides the point.

Boys on one side, girls on the other.

Once the rounders started I realised my career as a professional is really over. Forever. 10 year old Hannah is very disappointed right now.

On the plus side we spent the entire day laughing, so who really cares.

We played two games and I only got hit in the face twice, so that's good.

After that the games got a little less...safe?

'Throw the rounders peg at each other'...a classic.

'Throw a sausage roll and catch it in your mouth'...I won.

'Break your friends back'...I also won.

This guy won for best coat and sneakiest way of stealing our sausage rolls. 

Not sure what this one is called. All I know is the boys sat opposite each other and threw a ball at one another's...delicates?

No one really ever wins that one.

'Airplanes'...Zoe lost.

It's surprising how much fun you can have when you act 10 again.

Not exactly a day of rest, but an excellent way to waste time before you have (yes have) to go back out.

Hannah xx 

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