A Night On The Thames - Snow Club Party

I spent Tuesday evening sailing down the Thames in a very moody London.

The annual boat party hosted by the Snow society at my Uni is a notoriously good night out as long as the weather permits, which is always a bit of a gamble in London.

May can either be absolutely gorgeous or truly bloody awful. Fortunately we got a mixture of both for the entire 4 hours. But let's back up a bit...

After what seemed like a 4 hour journey, we arrived with some time to grab food and drinks before boarding the boat.

At this point we were hoping the weather would stay like this.

We ended up at the Bavarian Beerhouse not too far away from Tower Hill tube station.

Being the classy individuals we are, we ordered Steins, chips and various other pre-alcohol foods. The girls did opt for prosecco, but that didn't last long.

After carbing up (so strategic) it was time to board, order more drinks and take 539 selfies.

The pictures are from a mixture of my phone, camera and snapchat, so they vary in quality and classiness, obv.


The sky looked truly horrendous just as we set sale, which made us thankful for the middle deck that was covered.



About halfway through the journey the clouds cleared though, so we were able to venture outside for long enough to realise that it was approximately 2 degrees.

It was wayyy too cold to take full length outfit photos, so this rather horrendous snapchat I sent to my friend who asked what I decided to wear will have to do (that was the longest sentence ever written, just FYI).

I know, I'm crap.

My dress was an online buy from ASOS and was actually really comfortable. The length was perfect too, which is something I sometimes struggle with because of my height.

We took about 4 photos and went back into the warmth. Plus that's where the bar was so yeah, obvs.

We docked just before 10pm and headed straight to Piccadilly Institute. We did not, repeat not stop at McDonalds on the way for a burger. Promise.

I didn't really take many photos after that, mainly because I don't like having to get my camera in and out of my bag because:

1. Effort
2. Effort

Naturally we squeezed another selfie in though.

It's really weird to think that was the last snow party of our Uni careers. Never again will we get to stand on the top deck and freeze our butts off whilst taking selfies and feeling slightly nauseous.


Maybe I'll buy a rowing boat and attempt a solo party next year. Yeah? Yeah.

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