My 2015 so far.

New Years 2015
Looking over my planned posts, photo albums and random happenings from the past four months, I realised there is precisely 49227 things I haven't written, posted or pressed publish on. My bad.

I'd like to blame uni assignments, exams and deadlines getting in the way. But sometimes it's simply down to the fact that I enjoy sitting and staring at the wall contemplating life's biggest challenges (what to have for dinner) instead of being productive. Again, my bad.

So I've had a little photo/post spring clean. I've gone through my albums, deleted useless pictures (mainly double chin/hangover snapchats sent to family, friends and boyfriend) and picked a few winners.

There's so many photos on Instagram saying something along the lines of "It's April and I've achieved nothing so far this year" which can be quite funny. But looking over these photos I've actually crammed quite a bloody lot into the four short months of 2015. These are just the odd highlights...
Took spiffing sibling shots minus the oldest one.
I turned 22 at Uni...
...and managed to take a super pretty birthday photo.
I ventured up North 482382 times.
I turned 22 at home with a personalised cake.
The sister's boyfriend make exceptional mexican.
We put my light up shot glasses to use.
I made homemade ice-cream for the first time.
Mum rescued a dog and called her Nellie.
We got some snow!
And took advantage of where we live.
On foot and on bikes.
I realised I love him more than he loves me.
We tried to look alike.
We laughed at Lauren being scared of a tiny hill.
We took advantage of the new selfie stick craze.
I learnt to make salted caramel.
I went to Paris for the first time!
and got lost in Paris for the first time. 
This old bint decided to visit uni.
I attempted to provide consumer feedback.
We ventured to the alps for some naps.
and found heaven in the form of a Nutella doughnut.
Joely learnt to snowboard.
We found our shop in Morzine.
Joely faced her fear of moguls.
We stopped for the prettiest lunch ever.
We took Monkey everywhere we went.
I handed my dissertation in.
and we managed to stay awake long enough to celebrate a little.
Spring arrived.
I wore a bin bag to a rugby game. 
We taught the sister about our educational activities.
I caught up with this little thing after 2 years.
I ventured up North once again.
...and made it onto the sister's story #lifegoals
I came up with a new measuring system for the decorator.
Mum proved she isn't a typical woman.
We burnt some shit.
and made some shit.
I got a few lovely runs in with Dad.
and this one.
I made a Frittata for the first time ever and didn't die.
...and I developed a new way of looking at anxiety, revision and my non-stop worrying.
My plans for the rest of the year consist of *hopefully* graduating with a good degree, getting a job and becoming an adult #lol

I hope you're all out enjoying todays weather somewhere. I'm spending the day revising because I really love sitting indoors on sunny days watching and listening to people with actual lives pass by my window. It's a boost to the ol' happiness level, that's for sure.

Hannah xx

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