32 thoughts you have during an exam day

1. Must stay calm, 4 hours to go.

2. I need to review a few last minute things.

3. Shit I don't even know what that is.

4. I'm not revising, I'm learning.

5. Fuck.

6. Did I pick this module or was it mandatory? WHY WOULD I PICK THIS MODULE?

7. How much is it worth of my final grade again?

8. How bad can it be?

9. Failing life bad, probably.

10. It's time.

11. Okay, I can do this, it's fine, just have to try my best.

12. But what if that's not good enough and I fail and OMG I need a wee.

13. What if I don't understand anything.

14. The questions are going to be worded so difficulty it'll basically be like a new language.

15. FFS I really need a wee. What's the betting I stand up and trip on my way.

16. Or get paper on my shoe.

17. Damn you fake, nervous wee feelings I know I don't really need you.

18. Argh the woman is putting the microphone on. It's time.

19. My nervous energy has exhausted me, I need a nap.

20. I can't possible take an exam in this state.

21. Brilliant, my hand hurts and all I've done is write my name.

22. Glad I brought 6 pens though, because ya never know...

23. 30 minutes gone and I've babbled on, I bet the lecturer uses this as an example of what not to do.

24. Or as a joke at the pub.

25. Nah she's not that fun.

26. 5 minutes to go?!

27. Fuck.

28. Okay finish up your babbling.

29. If I trip walking out of this exam hall in front of all these people I will cry.

30. Nobody talk about the exam or answers or questions or all the things we forgot about.

31. Doesn't even matter, it's over now, woo!

32. Until the next one.

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