My Insanity Alternative - 30 Min Morning Workout

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a complete advocate for the Insanity workouts. For those of you that haven't heard of Insanity, it's a 60 day programme consisting of 45-60 minute HIIT workouts designed to make you sweat, burn and maybe scream a little.

The DVDs promise huge results and are an excellent way to get some calisthenics in. You finish feeling great and usually resembling a tomato.

Personally I love insanity and the HIIT training format but recently I've been trying to incorporate different workouts into my routine, or rather have been forced to because I don't have the time or inclination to jump about for 60 minutes when I should be working on Uni work.

Anyway to the point... I thought I'd share some quick and lighthearted workouts with you guys that don't require as much time but still get your heart going.

They're all online and vary from 5 - 10 minutes. The videos are a lot less intense than Insanity and you'll probably find yourself clicking on more than three to feel like you've gotten a workout in. Orrr heading out for a quick run beforehand. That's what I tend to do anyway (when time isn't an issue).

Be warned: you will get majorrrrr workout clothes envy. Links for each video are below the images.
I find the vids helpful when I'm pushed for time and space but still want to get my heart rate up, especially when there's nowhere to run outside and I have limited equipment.

30 minutes of activity a day (as a minimum) won't hurt ya :)

Hannah xx

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