It finally happened...

On Thursday I handed my final year dissertation in at Uni and I couldn't be happier! It's so so weird to finally have it out of the way and done.
We could only pretend for one photo...
For those of you who don't know what dissertation hell is, it's a final year research project students are made to do for their degree. It's a part of uni we all accept but equally dread and try to avoid thinking about. 

It goes a little bit like this:
  • First year - your diss is a very distant thought. You pretty much ignore it and figure you'll deal with it when it arrives.
  • Second year - okay so it's a little closer now but you still have plenty of time and vodka to drink and stuff. Plus you have an internship next year so that adds more avoidance.
  • Third year - it's finally here but you're too excited about being back at uni to really let it bother you. Until the lectures start.
The research process began last October so to be done and dusted with it all just seems really weird. It's 6 months of my life that I've gotten used to having a diss in the back of my mind and now I don't have to even think about it. 
Naturally once it was bound and submitted we had to celebrate! Conveniently there was a birthday in the flat, so we headed to an Italian in Mayfair for carbs and cocktails. I'll share photos of that tomorrow once I've got them all sorted. It was a classy night.
Hope you all have lovely weekends!

Hannah xx 

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