Celebratory Carbs and Cocktails

With one birthday and two finished dissertations in the flat, we had more than enough reason to celebrate last Thursday. We ended up heading to an Italian restaurant in Mayfair for some carbs and cocktails, alongside 15 other hungry students.
Malcolm and I were both running on zero sleep at this point...and copious amounts of red bull and coffee, of course.

The restaurant served a mighty fine sauvignon blanc, I must say. I loved the glasses! Am I the only weirdo that loves glasses, mugs and general homeware?! I hope not.
I ordered the pollo parmigiana, it was yummy but nothing mind-blowing. I really didn't care at this point though, I was too hungry. I'm not too sure I'd go back.

Once we were done with the carbs we headed out for cocktails. This is where things got a little less classy. Or a lot less classy.
For some reason the bar was handing out props with any drink bought. We didn't complain, obviously. I must warn you though, some of the photos are pretty ropey. I didn't trust myself with taking my camera out so had to rely on my iPhone 6.
It all got a little too much for some of us at midnight so we fought our way down Regent's street to catch the last tube home. I really don't know how I managed to stay up that long. I half expected to fall asleep in my dinner.
I love my housemates.
I ended up getting to bed at 2am after being awake for 42 hours straight. The next day was a little different, thankfully. I had a lovely sleep-in before going out to lunch.

I managed to eat nachos and an oreo milkshake...with an added side of nausea and a very sore wine headache.
It got much better when I was collected by the other half to head back out to celebrate though! It hasn't been a very healthy or studious weekend and I really don't care one tiny little bit.
Hannah xx

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