40 thoughts you have when writing a University Dissertation

I couldn't help but notice there was a certain bi-polar routine I tended to go through when writing my dissertation.

It usually happens with most of my assignments actually, but it was farrrrr worse with my diss...and for some reason I've decided if this happens to me then others must go through it too?

No? If you don't then the below thoughts are gonna give you guys some pretty great insight into how mental and unstable I am at times. Enjoy.

Sitting in the first dissertation lecture...
  1. I'm gonna start planning this as soon as I get home.
  2. What should my topic be? 
  3. What the frick am I interested in?!
  4. This will be fine, honestly.
  5. I just need to plan ahead and start early.
  6. Oh I'm gonna make the document now and format it all.
  7. I've basically started.
  8. Maybe I'll write the intro? Nah.
    *Actually starting to write it*
  9. Coffee. I need coffee.
  10. Right, Intro.
  11. God there's a lot of reading involved.
  12. It's okay though because that coffee was stronggggggg.
  13. I can do anything I want. I'm gonna smash this if I keep going as I am, woo coffee buzz!
  14. Okay my research is planned, I deserve a break.
  15. It's 12:19, I'll start again at 12:30.
  16. Shit, it's 12:37. 12:45 it is.
  17. God I hate this, what if I quit uni?
  18. But then what job would I do?
  19. I could work in a cute little cafe and meet new people every day.
  20. Mum and Dad would be prouddd.
  21. Maybe I just need more coffee.
  22. God this is way tougher than I imagined.
  23. If I don't get a good grade on this I just have to revise really hard and smash the exams.
  24. But I fucking hate exams.
  25. Shitballs, why is everyone further along with this than me?!
  26. Stop comparing yourself to others. They might do crap. Ha, idiots.
  27. Literature review, you can suck it.
  28. Why is my to-do list not getting shorter?!
  29. Fuck I hate referencing.
  30. People I know have already submitted. Arses.
  31. SO many words.
  32. Maybe I'd happy with a 2:1.
  33. But what if this goes shit and I get a 2:2?! Oh the shame.
  34. Damn it I really want a first. Why else am I here.
  35. Hiya caffeine shakes.
  36. Let's make another to-do list. A prettier one. That will help me get it together.
  37. I am gonna drink so much wine and just watch TV and relax once this is submitted.
  38. God I can't wait for that.
  40. Shit.
Luckilyyyy I handed my dissertation in last Thursday and spent the entire weekend watching TV, eating food, drinking wine and going for runs. Heaven.

Good luck to anyone still in the dissertation boat!

Hannah xx

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