Paris - Day Two

Day two in Paris started a little slower than day one. We had no early alarms, flights or getting lost, we did have hangovers, tiredness and lots of sun though!
We ended up making it out of the apartment around 11:30am with a huge itinerary to tackle. Melissa really does love to plan. Thankfully we all agreed the first stop should involve food and caffeine, so we headed over to Montmartre for some fuel. 
After lunch we headed into the square to look at the art on display. It was all so cool, the artists looked less than warm though. Dedication!
The marshmallow hat lady had the right idea.
The views of the city were amazing from the top and the weather was perfect.
Then we headed to Moulin Rouge for a little classiness.
Told you.
Natalie, another friend from Milan (who is now at Uni in England too) booked a last minute flight to come say hi for 24 hours. So after taking about a bajillion photos at Montmartre and Moulin Rouge, we headed back to the apartment to pick her up, before quickly heading back out to catch the Eiffel Tower at sunset (kinda).
For some reason I tend to compare every city I visit to London and Milan. Perhaps because that's where I've spent most of my time. I love experiencing the buildings, social cultures and food (hiya croissants) of new cities, but I tend to really judge somewhere by the public transportation, I know I sound weird, whatever. 

Anyway, Anna and I decided that we really should appreciate the London tube a little more. The Paris metro system leaves a lot to be desired. The signs are much prettier than ours though!
As mentioned we intended to get to the Eiffel Tower for sunset to see the city get dark and the lights turn on. Unfortunately we had to make a pit stop en route for champagne and got a little delayed. Nightmare. 
That's Natalie^
The light ended up being perfect anyway.
After grabbing Melissa's birthday cake we headed back to the apartment to rest our feet, drink wine and eat more carbs.
The apartment had the world's smallest elevator.
Birthday champagne!
We ended the night in a bar and Melissa finally got to try Absinthe! She's a fan for life. I think it tastes like washing liquid, but ya know.
The walk home was just what the birthday girl needed.

Day three photos tomorrow! Prepare to be overloaded and completely bored of seeing our faces. I wouldn't blame you if you never went to Paris after all of this.

Hannah xx

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