Paris - Day One

It's been a full seven days since I got back from Paris and with this past week being so crazy, it feels like I never actually went. With that said, it's nice looking at these photos and experiencing it all again. The first day was pretty all over the place, which you'll totally get once you see what we got up to.
The trip began at 8am when the car arrived to take us to Heathrow. London traffic was actually kind!
It was probably the nicest plane ride ever because of this little guy. Yummiest blueberry muffin!
We landed at CDG and headed for the city straight away, getting there around midday. We then proceeded to get lost for about 30 minutes which was super fun and avoidable (we're just idiots).

It did give us an excuse to talk to a lovely french man and take selfies though, all while this little one sat in the apartment and chilled out (she'd arrived a few days earlier).
Once we finally found our way it was time for lunch, coffee and more selfies.

The Love Lock bridge was just around the corner and since it was somewhere I really wanted to go, it was rude not to really.
We knew it was going to be rammed with locks but didn't expect it to be quite so crazy. Most of the bridge was boarded up to support the extra weight.

We weren't there long because at this point we hadn't eaten or drank anything in about 30 minutes, which was pretty disastrous. 
The heaters at the bar we ended up at apparently made my hair super ginger. They both tried to document it and failed.
All I could feel was my burning scalp, which resulted in this chic little look.
As we left the sun was starting to set and that's when the city got really pretty.
These are huge bubbles that a lady was blowing around the streets. It looked so cool!
After a stupidly long day, this was all I could do when we got home.
After dinner we headed back out and ended the evening in a Canadian bar, because we were really dedicated to experiencing that Parisian culture, etc.

Day two photos coming tomorrow. Hope you've all had lovely weekends! Yay for that Sunday night feeling.

Hannah xx

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