My 22nd Birthday Party - Part One

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty terrible at taking photos at my Uni birthday party last week...

Let's just say the lack of pictures should give you some insight into the amount of bubbles, liquor and god knows what else I drank. The day after was NOT fun. At all. I mean, I really should have learnt this lesson by now, huh?

Anyway, since I was heading up North for my actual birthday to spend it with family, we decided to celebrate a little early at Uni, so headed out last Wednesday evening. 

But first, my make up look...
Following on from my Christmas Look post, I decided to go with a similar look, but added a few 'night out' touches.

I made the lip colour darker (mixed my Mac Rebel with This in Kiss Me You Fool), used more bronze, gold and dark brown tones for my eyeshadow and then added a white eyeliner to the bottom of my eye while sticking with trusty black on top. This is something I rarely do, but it's a little known trick for making your eyes pop!

And now, my cake...
Look at that beauty! Obviously referring to the baked white chocolate and blueberry cheesecake Anna very kindly made for me. Oh and tea lights are totally okay for candles by the way. Especially scented ones. We are a classy bunch of girls, what can I say.
I think this last photo really sums the night up. Plus the fact that I only took photos of before we went out, not during, should tell you something.
My dress was an absolute steal from ASOS for £12 and can be found here. They actually ended up sending me two by mistake, so #yay for annoying trips to the post office to return it. I paired it with my leather jacket because the back of the dress is a bit crazy and it's bloody cold in England right now.

Being 22 feels very different. It's just a nothing number! Oh how I miss 21. More to follow tomorrow of my actual birthday party at home. I promise there's more photos for that. I know, you can't wait..

Hannah xx

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