A Family Walk - Sun, Snow and Dogs

Living in London is great, but being from the countryside means I really do miss seeing hills and fields and actual nature every now and again. Instead I get traffic, high-rise buildings, grown men arguing in Tesco over line cutting and city strength pollution.

One of the best things about being home for Christmas and New Year was definitely the views! And family, obvs, but you know, don't wanna make their heads too big.

Although it wasn't a white one this year, we were lucky enough to get some snow just after, so we headed out for a family walk in the hills.

These pictures were taken on my iPhone 6. I have a perfectly good camera but something was wrong with the memory card and instead of trying to fix it I just got moody and left it hidden in my bag. Naturally I figured it out the day after.
Charlie hates snow, can you tell.. :)
With Nellie being a rescue dog from Spain, she had never seen snow! So we were all a little curious as to how she'd find it.
She loved it! I've never seen her so hyper and happy and springy!
And this is where I fell over. It's not a proper walk unless I fall over at least once.
It was dark by the time we got home, so the walking down had to be a little quicker.

You really cannot beat the mixture of sun and snow in my eyes.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

Hannah xx

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