Emotions can be cruel, but so can people...

I've been thinking about emotions a lot lately, mainly how annoying they are. Or rather how annoying it is that we can't control them. I don't mean in a girly 'ooh err she's crazy today' kinda way. I mean in the 'why can't I just let this not bother me' kinda way.

I'm not talking about missing a bus, dropping a latte (cocktail) or even tripping up a pavement while in public (I did this last Monday, what a jolly good day that was), because these are all pretty small things you get over quickly. I'm talking about when other people get involved in your emotions.

When people are intentionally trying to get to you, or being cold, how mature is that? Or attractive? Not very. It shows more about their character than it does yours. It's actually very sad that we've come to see this type of behaviour as a more girly trait, when in reality, boys are just as bad. If not worse.

But why do we allow it to happen? I try and remind myself that if I was fine before someone annoyed me, why can't I just go back to that? It's an ongoing joke that I'm very easy to wind up, but sometimes I actually think it's true. I guess everyone's different and we deal with things in our own way. That's allowed (as long as it doesn't involved killing people. I hear that shits pretty illegal, just FYI).

I read an article in Cosmo this past weekend and it really resonated with me. It asked you to think about what you're doing, why you're doing it and if it truly makes you happy. Are you doing things that make you feel good? Is there someone awful in your life? Do you hate your job? Are you being kind to your body? Are you really alive? Not just technically functioning, but really here and present and actually enjoying yourself? There are little things that involve putting yourself first that can really change how you feel, see and experience things.

Not one for new year resolutions, (I make daily resolutions and break most of them so why would a new year make a blind bit of difference, eh?), I've decided that I really have to stop letting others get to me as much. You can't choose whether you feel sad about something or not, but you sure as hell can choose who is in your life and why.

And if that whole thing doesn't work I'll just cry a lot, call Elena, and stop listening to Taylor Swift for 24 hours (as if).
This is Elena. She is a hoot.
Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! I went home for my 22nd birthday celebrations and had a brilliant time with the family. I'm hoping to celebrate it with the boyfriend next weekend, yay for dragging out birthday fun for as long as bloody possible.

Here's to a great 22nd year!

Hannah xx

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