My Christmas Look

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Things are running a little behind schedule over here for posts, but let's just blame the prosecco, food comas and family time that's been happening. I can't quite believe it's all over! This festive season seemed to creep up on us slowly and then boom, it's already gone. Am I the only one feeling a little sad about this? Hopefully not! So let's reminisce and head back to Christmas Day...

Christmas seems to go one of two ways for me. I can either wake up, open presents and stay in the same PJs all day until it's time to shower (followed by a new set of PJs for Christmas Dinner, obvs) orrr I can wake up, open presents and then put some form of effort into the way I look.

This year, the latter happened. The fact that we had guests coming over may have had something to do with it. Or the fact that the brother had bought me an amazing Mac lipstick for Christmas that I was dying to try out. Apparently lipstick, PJs and wine spillages isn't a good look? Who knew. Anyway, I showered and attempted to look human...
I'm not one to really wear lipstick, I've only recently jumped on the wagon, but out of all the ones I've tried so far, this is the best! I usually gravitate towards long-stay lip wear because I think they decrease the chance of embarrassing yourself with lipstick on your teeth, face, dress, etc, but this works just fine! I was pleasantly surprised by how long it stayed on without smudging, so it's a definite recommend. This particular colour is 'Rebel' and it's about £16.
Some of you may think I am crazy for wearing jeans on Christmas Day. Surely that's bad planning for the inevitable food baby? True. But these little gems are jeggings, so they fit the 'stretchy pants' criteria just fine. #passthepudding
Being so tall, I tend not to wear heels often, but it was Christmas so whatever. These were particularly comfy throughout the festivities and were super cheap from New Look about a year ago. Honestly I think they were £7 in the sale. I've scoured the interweb for some of a similar style and failed miserably, apologies!
Naturally the outfit stayed like this for the starters and main course before I was forced back into my Polar Bear jumper by Mum and the slippers made an appearance.

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year! I'm off to do 34 hours of Insanity to work off some of the chins I've developed over the past two weeks. 

Hannah xx

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