Christmas 2014

Wake up, open presents, panic the turkey isn't in the oven yet, eat breakfast, drink alcohol, shower, drink more alcohol, finally eat turkey, develop food baby, drink alcohol again...then probably eat more food. That's how our Christmases tend to go.

Amazingly in and amongst all of that I managed to take around 592,036 photos this year. Not sure how, why or when, but my iPhone 6 that I have had for about 3 seconds popped up with a 'memory full' warning, so that's brilliant...and yes, I used my phone for photos, my actual camera was too far away (in my bag upstairs, nightmare).

Anyway, I figured there would be little point in me giving you a breakdown of what went on during the day, especially as I've summarised it soooo well there. So I thought I'd just share some of my fave pics from the day!

Hannah xx
She actually asked to do this.
I asked to do this. 
Dynamic duo hard at work.
Dad definitely looked at my gift guide then... #hilariousman
Present opening all got a bit too much for Charlie
He is not blind. These are spy glasses and they are amazing.

Doggy walk post breakfast.
Hair moment.
Grandma brought glow sticks...
Then we taught her the art of Selfie taking.
Grandad grasped it rather quickly too.
Millie didn't quite make the cut.

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