My Epic Pinterest Fail

I found myself struggling for breakfast inspiration this morning. I just couldn't decide what I wanted, needed or had the energy to make. I also couldn't help but notice the 45,389 dying bananas on the kitchen counter.

Now I have been a fan of trying pinterest recipes out for a while. Whether it's cakes, breads, soups, whatever, they usually turn out really well and get eaten up within 24 hours. So when I heard about the amazing, glorious, healthy, gluten-free heaven that is the 'Two Ingredient Protein Pancakes', I had to try them out.
It all started very well...I mashed two bananas, whisked three eggs, mixed it all together, added a splash of vanilla and popped some of the mixture into a heated pan in the best pancake shape I could.

Then it all got a bit messy. They weren't cooking, went all sloppy, looked like a bad omelette and burnt on the edges. Now, I am not saying the internet is lying. Just that I clearly didn't have the right mixture consistency or way of cooking it. I plan to try the recipe out again. I'll add cinnamon, protein powder or magic next time, hopefully that'll help with the sloppiness.

A few shots of the process are below. I really wish I had taken a picture of the what I threw away.

Anyone else had the same experience? Probably not. You're all probably full of protein pancake loveliness. #sadface

Yes, that's the sink in the middle.
After cleaning up the mess, I reverted back to my trusty porridge and raspberry combo. Perfect for a cold, disaster-filled winter morning.

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