FootGolf Stokesley

Last weekend during my trip up North, the family, other half and I ventured out to play a little FootGolf. Now you're probably thinking what the bloody hell is FootGolf!? Well, if you were to google it, you'd get...

FootGolf is a precision sport where players kick a football into a hole in as few shots as possible. Its name is a portmanteau of "football" and "golf". It is closely related to golf.

Whereas if you were to ask me, you'd get...

FootGolf is a sport where you attempt to kick a ball into a hole that is about 56 miles away, during which you do a lot of standing in mud, slipping over in mud and shouting about which hole is actually next. All while the ever present winter darkness gets worse by the second and you freeze your tits off. You may also have fun.

Luckily, we had a lot of fun. Mainly because Mum, Lucas and Joely had some spectacular falls. Full on shit-I-have-mud-everywhere-and-no-dignity-left falls.

Now I'm quite a competitive person. Not to the point where it gets in the way of having fun, but it sure is nice when you're good enough to win at something. Since I didn't win and came fourth (bugger), I'd say my FootGolfing (a verb) career isn't about to blow up into something marvellous. But here's some things I discovered during my short lived time as a pro...

1. The Family loves a pose, intentional or not.
2. FootGolf is not a sport you have to carbo load for. But please still do. Cause carbs are goooood. #pastabake
3. It takes longer than anticipated to do a round. (Fancy lingo).
4. If you're female, you should probably wear a sports bra. This is for the jogging on the spot you'll do when it's too cold to function and you want a latte.
5. You will get muddy.
6. It is ridiculously fun and you'll want to do it again. Just not right away.

I made big promises at the start, clearly.

Not sure how Lauren managed to make herself look quite so short, but whatever. She's average (in general).

Running man?
This is the 'I'm 13 and too cool to smile so here is my thumb' game.
 Pro footballer in the Fam came to join!
 Rob took fashion advice from Lauren...
 ...and Mum thought she'd assume the role of boss without any hesitation.
Then the game commenced. This is a picture of the first hole. Where is the hole exactly? To the right near the group of white balls. My ball is the one to the left. Yeah the pink one wayyyyy over left. I guess my strategy was a little off...

Lucas perfected the standing aspect of the game. I think Lauren was scared someone would steal her ball, so guarded it with all her might. And yes, those are comic relief socks she's wearing. #chic

 No but really, she loveedddd standing with her ball.

 Lucas was a natural. Annoyingly.
By the last hole it was dark, cold and I realised I wasn't going to win. Fourth is just embarrassing.
Least I wasn't a sore loser about him winning...
Smug idiot.

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