Five Guys

It's exam period at University. So naturally myself and a few followers (friends, minions, whatever) left the library on Thursday in the pouring rain in search of some procrastination. Enter...Five Guys! 

For anyone that's visited a Five Guys, you'll know they're quite possibly the best burger you'll ever eat. Or well up there with the best. I've been before so knew we were in for some serious foodage (a word).

We got a little bit too excited over the self-service drink machines. Or maybe that was just me. Meh.

Monkey nuts are unlimited and free to a good home, bonus!
One thing I really do love though is that you can actually see your order being put together.
We expected the lunchtime rush and were met with this. Winner.
Zoe's face says it all really.
And again. #jollycamper
I went with a standard small cheeseburger and shared some cajun fries with Anna because we're super healthy and stuff.

This is Zoe contemplating life without mayo...
This is Zoe contemplating life without me...
Anyway, burgers...they make me classy.
I know what you're thinking for this one. The chap on the right reallyyyyy needs to shave the weird beard thing he's got going on. We've told him. Many a time. Pretty sure he's keeping it to annoy us.
For some reason James couldn't quite finish his burger so used it as the base for his 'burger pear'. Surprisingly heavy and strong, we decided it was a christmas decoration he should be proud of.

Once we'd all finished we headed back to the car, with a minor family domestic on the way because Anja refused to get in the Christmas bauble. For someone that is the size of a six year old and nimble, she sure does put it to waste. Borrrrring.
Back to the Christmas pear bauble thingy. I may have slipped it in my bag on the way out of Five Guys and hidden it in Zoe's car.
Zoe, I would like to formally apologise for this. Sorta. Enjoy!

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