Dear 18 Year Old Me...18 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself

When I first moved to Uni in 2011, I had anxiety about the whole thing. In the first month alone I considered dropping out about 3,583 times. It was such a huge change and at times I felt really alone. I guess I just needed time to adjust and get to know my flatmates and make friends.

It's crazy to think I am now halfway through my final year, and still feel like it kinda hasn't started yet. Not in the sense that I haven't done enough, or enjoyed it so far, just that I thought I'd now be at a point where I was ready to finish Uni because I felt prepared and like an adult (HAHA!).

I'm not quite sure where the last three and a half years have gone. I'll be 50 before I know it! Which got me thinking, if I could go back to first year and tell 18 year old me a few things for Uni, whether it was stuff to do, feel, think or even which people to dislike straight away instead of giving them the time to earn the dislike (valuable shit right there), what would it be?

Probably something along the lines of...

1. Do NOT try Tesco value vodka. It is horrid and vile and symbolises everything that is wrong with this world. Your hangovers are bad enough without making them worse with cheap alcohol.

2. Always lock your bedroom door. The boys of the flat will find it hilarious to sneak in, hide in your shower and spread the expensive John Frieda shampoo you just treated yourself to all over the toilet.

3. Enjoy yourself. You worry wayyyy too much and let little things play on your mind. No one cares if you're hungover today, you can show your face in public.

4. Ask your flatmates if they're feeling the same (turns out one of the girls across the hall from me felt anxious when we first moved in too! With included tearful calls to her Mum. I didn't call mine because I didn't want her to worry).

5. Work on that whole balanced lifestyle a little more, you fool.

6. Give wine another chance, because you sure as hell do in 2013, and you haven't looked back since.

7. Be confident to introduce yourself to people. Be that girl. Just not the annoyingly obnoxious version of that girl. Nobody likes her.

8. Visit the library more than once a week (dedicated, ha!). Even if it's just for another two hours. Letting the work build up won't help anyone or anything.

9. Go to more lectures. You're an idiot. Just go.

10. You will make friends. Not everyone thinks you're a weird, ginger (Actually Its Auburn), Northerner that talks funny and makes inappropriate jokes. Your flat alone is filled with like-minded idiots who enjoy the same humour.

11. Appreciate how brilliant your flatmates are. Not everyone gets dealt such a stellar card for first year.

12. Experiment with recipes. You have so much free time, get cooking.

13. Maintain a hobby throughout the year. Watching Gossip Girl doesn't count.

14. Buy a good pair of comfy heels. Stop wearing the horridly cheap shitty ones that give you blisters and knee ache for two days. Those green ones you just got...yeah, you'll get to final year and still won't have worn them.

15. Go into London more. Take advantage of where you are, and again, all that free time you have.

16. Really appreciate freshers year. It is the easiest of your education and quite possibly the funniest.

17. Start a blog. You've been thinking about it for a while. It shouldn't take you until fourth year to finally do it!

18. Have fun!

What would you say to the 2011 you?

Hannah xx

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