Dads Birthday 2014

The December festive season has started on the 23rd for as long as I can remember. We get to experience present giving, lots of wine (I mean lots) and relaxed family time early, all because of Dads Birthday!
Sampling the M&S hat collection.
Some may say it's unfortunate that he has a Birthday so close to Christmas. Surely he would prefer it to be spread out over the year. But I think it's actually a very good thing. Everyone has such huge anticipation for Christmas, or even Christmas Eve and has to wait soooo long for it to begin that every day leading up to it seems like forever once the date gets past December 15th. We get to start early and every year it is the best thing ever!

This year was no different. We woke up, gave presents, had family time and then weirdly rushed out the door to go christmas food shopping (a task we normally leave for Christmas Eve because we are mad and crazy and live on the edge). 
Photo of Dads digger tracks I printed for him. 
We ended up spending 5 hours going from shop to shop avoiding other crazy people, just so we could pick up the freshest of sweet potatoes and coolest of bubbly. And try hats on to waste time and energy.
Oh and there was burger king, last minute gift buying and arguments over who got to sit in the front of the car too. #familytime

Oreo sundae. Hello!
Once we were home I got to making Dads birthday cake while Lauren, whose other half is a phenomenal chef, got to making the lasagne, homemade chips and starters for us. We originally planned on having lamb and something a little more special, but Dad insisted on a good ol' hearty home cooked meal.
The question on everyones mind was pretty clear. Did we buy enough veggies.
Festive garments are always a winner. Lauren styled this out of an old rugby shirt, some thread and a very nifty jumper kit. Flashing lights included. 
We don't have paint, but we have champagne.
Then we had some early Christmas gifting from and to Lauren, because she won't be with us for the big C day.
They're the sweetest.
I went to bed feeling more than full of food and champagne. The only sad note was that Lauren was leaving the next day at 6am to head back to said chef and the restaurant to serve those of you that are smart enough to book a table for Christmas Day.

Me? I'll be peeling 503kg of potatoes and getting drunk for the whole of the 25th, with a chocolate orange thrown in somewhere for good measure.

I hope each of you has a fabulous Christmas day full of family, yummy food and jolliness! 

Merry Christmas!

Hannah xx

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