Christmas gift guide for girls

So this year my Dad has been put in charge of buying every single bloody Christmas present for the kids (he only has four, I realise I made him sound like a man from one of those '16 kids and counting' TV programmes there, but oh well).

Now this isn't a huge issue or worry for me since my Dad enjoys shopping way more than my Mum, but it did get me thinking. For the men out there that are just a bit useless and crap when it comes to present buying, where do they look? What do they buy? and why the hell do they ever think it's a good idea to buy their better half yet another saucepan or crockery set?! As if that's exactly what she wants. Enter the Christmas lists...

Now, I forgot to mention that Dad doesn't like Christmas lists. If you even utter the words 'so for Christmas, I'd quite like...' he will instantly shut his ears, hum loudly and yell that Christmas is about surprises and he won't be looking at any lists.

I agree, Christmas is about surprises, but good ones. So far my older sister has received two texts from Dad explaining that he's bought all three of his girls the same gift...from the local butchers. So back to Christmas lists...

The below items are of varying prices and range from absolutely-yes-please-I-want-this-badly to I-realise-I-won't-be-getting-it-but-can-hope-can't-I?!

Dad, if you're reading this, ignore the second part of that sentence. Links for everything at the bottom.

Links for all:

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