Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve for my family is always pretty much the same. We wrap last minute presents, realise we haven't bought cards for everyone, shout about who had the sellotape last and laugh when Dad says "Oh shit, where's your Mum's present off me?" as if we would know (obviously this year it was hiding in a bag in the lounge. Well hidden and stuff).

This one was a little different, with a festive trip to the pub added in. We started with Champagne and presents at home with Chloe first though. You may remember her from this post (she is still training to be a hairdresser, I have yet to hire her as my full time masseuse, sad times). Chloe's was the first gift I opened this year, mainly because I was wayy too excited to wait any longer and she was basically shoving it down my throat with excitement herself.
I was kindly gifted some amazing hair products to tame the main. After ohh-ing and ahh-ing at it all, we headed to the pub to get excited and festive there. We weren't long, but I left feeling drunk and hungry. Brilliant.
Then we got to open more prezzies! Joely was kindly gifted a hat and scarf combo from Chloes family. She proceeded to wear it for the rest of the evening.
Like full on all night, she even ate dinner in it.
 Along with this rather appropriate top.
 My attire was just as classy.

While I was wrapping gifts, Nellie, my Mum's new rescue dog came to join me. She is pretty much scared of everything at this point but is settling in nicely. I'd like to think she came to keep me company, but really she just loves a nap on any bed that is near.
After we finished dinner and present wrapping, Mum presented us with this beast. Which got us all pretty excited.
 Like really excited.
 Spot the brother ghost...
If you're wondering what has happened to my feet, those would be my new The North Face slippers from Lauren. She got Dad, Lucas and I a pair each for skiing and we haven't really taken them off since.

If you're wondering what happened to my trousers, Primark PJ shorts always win. Always.

The dogs weren't quite as excited. Charlie decided to take himself away to model Dad's pair of slippers/guard presents.
Once we had all finished our jobs, we settled down to watch Bond with the rest of the country it seemed!

Mum got us some pretty nifty matching PJs, so naturally we put them on immediately.
Remember what I said about Dad and finding Mums present? Here he is wrapping it. At midnight.
I'd like to say I was too excited to sleep, but I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow. After a few Grinch impersonations that is. Even though he scares me, I still find him hilarious!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! More to follow tomorrow.

Hannah xx

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