Christmas beginnings - part two.

This past Friday marked the end of exams, deadlines and library sessions for us students. It also marked the beginning of the end of University in a very weird way.

This is the last time I'll be packing up my room (mostly washing) and heading home for Christmas break. Next year I'll (hopefully) be working and having to deal with only a few days off during Christmas and New Year. Oh the dread.

Since it was Christmas, the SU hosted a Frozen themed end of term party. Naturally, I wore all black. I'm yet to actually watch Frozen and to be perfectly honest, I am avoiding it like the plague. The songs get stuck in my head wayyyy too easily and I just end up annoying everyone around me.

Before heading to Frozen land, some friends came over for drinks.
And card games.
As usual, the subject of my long fingers came up. James felt the need to document it. They do look freakishly long here. I promise, they are not. And yes, that is my bottle of wine with a straw in it. 
We had a few new blog photographers for the evening...
Then it was time to head to the SU for obligatory bathroom shots. We are a classy bunch.
Frozen land really wasn't that bad!
I finally found somewhere I belong.
Or somewhere we all belong.
The next day came round fast and I was lucky enough to be headache free. Can't say the same for visitors.
The rest of the day looked a bit like this, until we had to start packing and head home.
But really, how else are final year students supposed to end the term?!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the photos, so charming.
    xo Marissa