Christmas beginnings - part one

This last week has been filled with exams, essay deadlines and stress. Oh, and hangovers, strepsils and McDonalds.

It all started to get a little less studious on Wednesday afternoon. After handing in my final piece of coursework, we held our flat Christmas dinner. But first, Tesco.
While the other flatmates finished off their exams, a few of us got to work with the chopping, boiling, mashing and drinking (rude not to).

While the food was on, Zoe and I wrapped our secret santa gifts. We weren't very good at keeping the secret part and told each other who we had after about 45 seconds. 
Then it was time to quickly get back to the cooking before present opening. We took multitasking to the max.

 At this point I was pretty damn certain whoever had gotten me was female.

 Cocktails and cake. How could I not have been pleased?!
Chris was ever so fortunate that I got him. I bought him pants with 'pull my cracker' on. Just keepin' it classy and the such. After presents it was time for actual crackers and food.

 Even though the main was excellent, Malcolm and I got quite attached to the dessert.
 In the classiest sorta way.

The classiness continued when I got dressed for the night...hello stained skirt. Part of that is my dirty mirror though #yay
Then this happened. Before we'd even gotten to town. 
Some of the girls still had a few exams to finish later in the week, so it wasn't quite a full flat venturing 'out out', but was fun nonetheless!

The entire night had a jolly atmosphere and it really was one of the best so far.

 Once we were home the party continued...
...with a game of pumpkin hockey, naturally.

We ended up waking the examinees. Oops.
Needless to say, Thursday wasn't quite as fun. I got into bed at 8pm which should give you a good idea of how the day went. Having a cold didn't help the situation. Can you overdose on strepsils? Whether you can or not, I sure as hell tested it.

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