The Christmas Tree Hunt 2014

On Monday, Dad, Joely and I thought it was about time we ventured out in hopes of finding the perfect festive foliage. There's been 4962 workmen in the house lately, so we haven't had chance to get one sorted. If we had, it would have been ruined by dust, plaster or paint by now anyway.

Our first call of action was to head to the garden centre at the end of the village that we usually go to. Our favourite part about it is you cut your own tree down! Well, not this year. For insurance purposes people aren't allowed to use the saws anymore. Makes sense. #boo
Their new process is you grab a flag, walk round, choose a tree, plant the flag next to it and then ask the guys working there to go cut it down for you.
Joely loved it.
Apparently this one wouldn't do? #Fussy
We tried. And I mean realllyyyy tried to find one. But in the end all we found was someone's car keys that had been lost for about a week. 
After walking round for 3 more days just in case we had missed one, we decided to call it a day and head to a different garden centre. With reindeers. Severely overpriced and somewhat mental looking reindeers, might I add.
And a Grotto! 
That's where we found Trevor. Are we the only family that names our tree? Probably.
Anyway, Trevor is perfect and we love him dearly. He is tall, wide and handsome with just the right amount of green. And he was ridiculously discounted because of it being so far into December. What more could you want?
Joely bonded with Trevor quite quickly.
Lucas wasn't quite as happy about it. Perhaps because he had to cut Trevor down so he'd fit in the base. It only took him 45 hours though, so that's a new record.
Stars are overrated.
Long live Trevs <3

Well, until January anyway.
Least we have Mums creation to look at. And her socks.

Hannah xx

Ps, I know this post should be called 'The Birth of Trevor'. Whatevs.

Pps, Merry Christmas!! 

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