Anniversary Weekend...celebrating two years

Last weekend the other half and I headed North to the lovely village I call home to celebrate two years. I used it as an excuse to get some good family time in and see some greenery for a change.

The older sister even made the journey up from Nottingham for the Saturday, so it was a full house kinda weekend. The kind of special event I brush my hair for...
Friday was 'the day' so it revolved around doing couply things. Besides lunch with my Aunty and Mum (oops) but after that, it was all about us etc etc.
Once we'd said our goodbyes and paid for lunch we made the short drive to Roseberry Topping to work off the amazing peanut chicken salad I'd devoured.

Luckily the weather was truly horrendous and the mud thick. I lost count of the amount of times I fell over (think it was eight, much to the other halfs amusement). Views were spiffing from the top as well... you can normally see for miles, but not on Fridays when you only have an hour before it's dark, apparently.
Once we were home and had showered the three tonne of mud off, we headed out for dinner at the Cleveland Tontine. If you've ever been, you'll know it's recently been renovated and is under new management, so I was keen to see what was new and how the food measured up.


I started with a rather measly chowder. I guess nothing beats a chowder from Looe in Cornwall, which is where I fell in love with the dish this summer. The boyfriends had a little more to it and looked delicious.

As per I went with steak and potatoes for main because as I've mentioned before, I'm adventurous and always try new food... to be perfectly honest I was way too hungry to risk not liking my meal.

Dessert was spectacular but soooo rich. I reckon I'd have preferred it with ice cream, but it was still delicious. After paying we headed out to the grounds for a quick look before heading home.
While we were out, the little sister decided to bake an anniversary roulade for us (which female under the age of 97 makes a habit of baking roulades?!) which was delicious. I reckon it sent me over the edge into full on-food coma land though. It was a water-sipping-because-I-may-vomit end to the night.
Probably the result of too much wine and nice food, but lets just blame my nausea on the outfits Dad and Joely decided to wear for the evening without any planning (or eyesight) on their part. They're a special kinda duo.

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