15 thoughts every girl has when taking a Snapchat selfie

You know what I'm talking about. Someone sends you a brilliant photo, you think of quite possibly the best response you've ever had and go to reply...

Oh it's already on front camera, hello double chin...

I am dreadful.

Might as well check my nose while I'm here.

Jesus christ who did my make up today?!

Maybe front flash will help?

Nope, not at all, just enhances the ridiculousness that is my face.

Back to normal lighting.

What if I go super close?

Nope. Far away?

Definitely not.

Oh, a filter! A filter always helps.

God I am the love child of voldemort and a hippo.

What if I just draw all over my face with colour?

Even worse.

Screw it, I'll send a picture of the wall.

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