Winter Wonderland

On Friday I headed to Hyde Park with some Uni friends for Winter Wonderland's opening night (I know, crazy). We basically went for the mulled wine and Christmas Spirit. We got neither. (Sauvignon 'til we die).

To avoid crowds and see a bit of London we headed to Eye Skate by the London Eye beforehand. It did not disappoint! I've decided I love ice skating. Probably because I wasn't horrendous at it and could actually skate around fast without holding onto anything. I guess being able to ski helped?!
The Dream Team 
The views weren't half bad.
Zoe played Mum for the evening. Basically she was a wimp and just sat and laughed at us all.
Pip showing us how it's done?
They enjoyed it.
After the obligatory team shot (sans Malc) we walked to Hyde Park. Yes, walked. In the rain. Dedicated to the cause, etc etc.
Never ask Nick for a picture. Lesson well learnt.
The poor bartender made the terrible mistake of handing us small cups for the wine. We quickly discarded them and grabbed the pint ones. Disaster averted.

Does this make me blonde?
We ended up letting the manchild play for a bit because he was getting restless.
The Auburnbread family grew a little larger. So it was well worth it.
After plenty of wine and walking we headed to Oxford Street for a few more drinks.
Selfridges is too amazing at the moment!

Only thing missing from that window is a Zoe star. Am I right?!

Yay for Christmas 2014!

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