Welcoming Wagamamas new restaurant

The best possible thing happened in town yesterday. Wagamamas finally opened their new restaurant! So being the super dedicated students we are, the Uni work got sacked off and we became classy ladies who lunch.

We all started with green tea, because well, it's free and good for you and stuff. But mostly because it's free.
And then promptly turned into typical women that take far too long to decide what they want.
Zoe has never been so silent. Ever. I loved it...
After 4 weeks of deliberating, we finally decided. 
 Edamame to start! I very quickly made them go from this...

To this.
I had the chicken teriyaki donburi for my main and it was amazing, as per. There is nothing worse than your dish arriving and it being average, then your friend's arriving and it looking like angels have spent years constructing each morsel to make it into the amazingness you see before you. It's normally half the price of yours as well. Basically food envy sucks, so I stick to something I know I like because I'm really adventurous and live on the edge.
Pip went for the pad-thai which looked just as good.
I tried some of her chilli squid. Super chewy. No thanks.
And spent £4 on a diet coke. Ridiculousness. The only person to not enjoy their meal was Anja, who ordered the chicken ramen, and felt utterly betrayed by this sign afterwards.
I now feel a bit like this for any food that isn't Wagamamas.