Halloween...part un!

I never look forward to Halloween. Maybe because I get scared so easily. Or because I'm too lazy to decide what to wear. Not sure. But this year was different, kinda.

The day started at the gym, where I attempted to work off the inevitable 4922 kg of sugar I'd consume in the form of cocktails later on. Keeping with the halloween theme, I walked home looking spectacularly sweaty and zombie-like. Woo!

Once the evening arrived, I was actually excited about getting dressed up, having people over and seeing whose face paint deteriorated first. 
But, in true Hannah fashion I decided 30 minutes before I was supposed to get ready that I didn't want to be a skull again. I did it a few years back and spent the entire night being scared to look at my reflection (nothing new). So I needed a new idea.

After a frantic 5 minutes of pinterest searching, checking my make up supplies and nipping out to the pond on campus to gather some foliage, the deer was born! Yay for non scary ideas!
The make-up was surprisingly easy and I had everything I needed for it, perfect for the fellow lazy face painters out there.

Once we were all sufficiently made-up, we had some quick drinks.

…before heading into town to join the other idiots that think it's a good idea to go out on a Wednesday dressed as things. Also know as students.

Not a bad start to halloween! Which is more than I can say for my Thursday morning. Enter: electrolyte tablets, sleep, water, and Red Iron Burger!