Fireworks, Sparklers and Rain...November 5th in the UK

Firework night is scary. I don't care what you say, it is. Fortunately, it seemed that the loud, unexpected and unpredictable bangs started super early this year. Yay! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my grumpy tweets about it all. Sorry...
Actually Its Auburn shoutout with my sparkler letters...tremendously creative.
Having said that, this past Saturday I ventured/was dragged to a display with the other half and his family. It rained, obviously. Thank you, England!
That's my scared/cold/rained on face and glamourous jacket.
He thoroughly enjoys photos with me.
Even though I get scared, I do enjoy the chance to get wrapped up warm, whack on the hunters and trudge through mud for fun in my tea cosy head attire. Probably my Northernness coming out.
The rain soaked through my jacket in precisely 2.3 seconds making me cold for the rest of it. Thankfully the fire kept me toasty warm and turned me a piggy pink. Attractive!
Then the fireworks started...
One of my favourites!
Which gave me an opportunity to snap some pretty pics.
This one reminded me of a Beyonce concert. I was tempted to scream for her in beetlejuice style to see if she'd stomp out in between them, shouting about being Crazy In Love. I refrained though #boring.
Once we'd walked home and eaten 6kg of stew, the sparklers made an appearance.
My sad attempt at an A.
My OK attempt at a H.
My best attempt at a super creative heart.
Call me weird, but I don't think you should be allowed to see a firework, hold a sparkler or even light a fire if you haven't been excited about the John Lewis or Coca-Cola Christmas ads yet. I've done both, of course, and my Christmas obsessed friends have too...
Now all I want is snow, Gingerbread lattes and Christmas infused alcohol. Or normal wine. That'll do too #notfussy. Let the countdown begin!

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