A day date for two...Tower of London Poppies

On Wednesday the other half and I ventured to see the Tower Of London Poppy Memorial before it's dismantled next week. After looking at 93820 photos on facebook, we wanted to experience it for ourselves and it did not disappoint!
The day started at Starbucks and I got a little too excited that the Christmas Blends are back. Never have I been happier to see CB written on my coffee cup.
We ended up walking from Liverpool Street because the London weather wasn't horrendous and the coffee had fooled me into thinking I had super energy levels.
Seeing the poppies was somewhat emotional, but mostly it was just hectic. I felt like I was at a concert with hundreds of other people.
Although it was busy, the crowds didn't take away from the amazing views. The Tower has truly been transformed and I couldn't help but think about the planning that must have gone into it all, the designing of the ceramic poppies and how long it had all taken.

Shameless selfies are all the rage now.

Overall it was a lovely day, not to mention an excellent excuse to pop into central London and put off the lecture notes for a day.