15 tips for living on a Student Budget

1. Only have one cocktail night a month. Because, you know, limits are good sometimes.

2. If you're likely to be travelling all over the UK during the term breaks, get a railcard! Steep to begin with, but will save you in the long run. Also, travel at weird times. Auntie Mavis will just have to suck it up and collect you from the station at midnight. She'll live.

3. Capitalise on your student status! Regardless of where you are, what you're buying or how much it is, ask if they offer student discount. You'd be surprised by the companies that do! If you don't want to spend £12 on an NUS card (Me), join MyUniDays! Such a life saver.

4. Check out National Express if your train journey is going to cost you £3,456. It'll be long, it'll be uncomfortable, but it's probably only gonna cost £10 to travel the entire length of the country. Winner.

5. Don't shop at M&S, Tesco or even Asda. Lidl the shit out of your Uni career. Just not for vodka, nobody likes a Lidl drunk.

6. Refrain from lunching when hungover. You'll order way too much thinking you could eat a horse, the food will come and you'll realise you're just not ready for that kind of culinary commitment, it's far too soon and you think you may vom if you look at that greasy burger for a minute longer. Complete waste of pennies.

7. Join ASOS premier. Just do it. I promise, last minute bargain buys with free next day shipping will give you the freedom to panic buy for nights out, get early access to sales and feel like you're super duper special. *Only do this if you have a morsel of self control with your spending and won't buy unnecessary items just because they're £3* (Me).

8. Don't miss out on vital Uni nights (they exist), but don't go crazy either. Limit yourself. One a week.

9. Never take your debit card on a night out! You're not P Diddy, so chill the fuck out with buying everyone and everything a drink. Nobody gives a shit that you were in the same seminar in first year and had to split off to discuss something for 5 mins. They don't know your name, or even how they know you. Make sure you have cash before and keep to that budget.

10. Avoid campus shops! Yes they're convenient, but their prices reflect that. I've donated most of my student loan to the Costa on campus which just isn't brilliant at all. But Mmm Chai Tea Latte. Hiya.

11. Get a job. How shit.

12. Make soup. Lots of it. It's super cheap, healthy if you make the right ones and lasts for days.

13. Freeze your meat! As in the chicken breasts you just bought. You'll probably end up forgetting about it otherwise and have to throw it away when it's 3 weeks old and grown the cure for some wild exotic disease.

14. Budget during freshers. Mum and Dad just got rid of you, they don't need to be sending you money just yet.

15. Give Tesco Value vodka a chance (granted, probably only once). Some can handle it, some can't. You'll probably realise you hate it and never go back. I ended up giving mine to a housemate. Thoughtful.

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