12 things that happen when you're a final year student at University

1. You realise freshers year was the best and easiest of your entire education. God you really took it for granted.

2. Student Finance England still has the worst hold music ever. You realise you won't have to call them 36 times next year like you have for the past four years, then get a little sad. Until you realise you actually have to start paying it all back soon. *Throws phone out of window and hides under bed*. 

3. You seem to recognise everyone around campus, but can't place where from. Oh, oh wait, no, I befriended you last year at the SU and we had a good ol' chat about politics, financial worries, student living and the toilet paper stuck on your shoe. Now we're having the awkward eye contact experience on campus and hating every second. 

4. You have less money than you have ever had in your entire living experience. You were literally born with more funds than you currently have and can't quite figure out how you got here. 

5. The realisation that graduate roles are a mythical creature that you will never actually get to experience. Psychometric testing can piss off. *Grabs onesie and dairy milk* (and by Dairy Milk, I mean wine). 

6. The texts you keep getting from your bank about those overdraft charges, yeah, they may actually be real. 

7. In a few short months you will no longer be a student and have to get a job. Does this mean we are adults now and can swear in front of our grandparents? 

8. Wine is now your only saviour after a long day of two lectures. Jeez. 

9. You have to restrain yourself from throwing a book at every fresher you overhear complaining about work, stress levels and course requirements in the library. Why are you even in here?! 

10. You make new friends in lectures and seminars, but can't help thinking what's the point, it's final year! You then feel like a terrible person and decide to make more of an effort. You ask their name. Even though you're sure you did the exact same thing in freshers week. Awkward.

11. You just know you won't meet your husband at university. Despite everyone saying you will. 

12. You realise you wouldn't change a single thing about your Uni experience and have enjoyed every minute (apart from the sticky floor in the SU, you are allowed to change that). 


  1. sounds like lot of fun :)
    i'm following you on bloglovin' and twitter. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

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