I'm a student again...settling back in

Getting back into student life was surprisingly easy. I thought it would take me a while to feel normal again, but I switched back into being poor, drinking on school nights and being hungover on an obscene level way too easily...

A year of working and commuting in and out of London every day was a wake-up call if I've ever had one, but a good one. It showed me what life after Uni is like, allowing me to appreciate this final year wayyy more. In a little over 10 months my only nightlife will most probably consist of delayed trains, smelly commuters and tiredness. Oh, and caffeine. Buckets of it. 

So far we have been way more docile than 1st and 2nd year. Four nights out in four weeks is pretty good going. Living on 13p a week will do that to ya. But with the amount of work we have to get through, that's more than enough.

Never has a photo summed us up more. Hair is looking pretty blonde here too!
The food I have been eating seems to have been adapted too. Carbo-loading before the nights out? Such a stellar excuse! 

Oh and the morning after the night before...
Hangover food at it's best...or worst.
Well, kinda...
My trusty porridge and raspberry combo.
Getting back into the rhythm of wake up, gym, lectures, review lecture notes andddd repeat is going pretty well. Ask me in 3 weeks though, may have all changed by then...