Cocktail night...student style

The only logical thing to do when you've got a small spending budget, a huge pile of work on your desk and a new pair of shoes? Have a cocktail night, obviously.
Didn't have a great chance of feeling fresh the next day.
I blame the shoes for everything.
The night started with bellinis...with an added student twist. Instead of using fresh fruit we bought a tin of raspberries in syrup, blended them all together and just added prosecco. Did the same with peaches. Because we're classy like that.
Anna pretending she's never poured a glass of alcohol in her life.
We even attempted 'a nice photo' of us girls...which proved quite the challenge for our photographers (the boys).

As the percentages started to kick in, the photos got somewhat more ridiculous.

I blame the Cosmos.
Once sufficiently under the influence (a requirement), we headed to the SU bar to meet up with some others. One thing I definitely didn't plan on, was what happened once we got home...

God knows whose idea it was, but Anna's bed ended up in my room for the night, including a few guests.
Which you can probably see I loved.
The morning arrived and it still looked like this.

Probably a one-time thing I'd say.