The Saturdays concert 2014

The Saturdays are currently touring their Greatest Hits and when we heard they'd be in Nottingham (where my sister lives), we decided to make a weekend out of it.
The night started off at one of the largest buffets I have ever been to. Not one for buffets, I entered already feeling full and lethargic. My body knew what it was in for!
Chloe, Lauren and Joely looking ever so eager!
The entrance won brownie points!
Guess who decided on the dinner location...
Joely with her rather glamorous...water
After polishing off our third dessert...yes, third, we headed to a nearby bar for cocktails before the concert. Alcohol was necessary if we were going to survive two hours of screaming teenage girls...and their screaming Mums.
Apple mojito and a Disaronno sours

Chloe and I

After snapping some pictures and having a good old people-watching session, the excitement got a little too much for Joely, so we were hurried along to the arena.
More wine at the venue in classy plastic cups
Although I have been known to star the odd Saturdays song on Spotify, I wouldn't describe myself as their number one fan. That being said, they were incredibly entertaining, sounded excellent and wore the glitziest costumes ever!
My favourite outfits of the night...hello glitter!
How hot are they?! Major girl crush on Frankie! The concert was fab and we all agreed we'd definitely go see them again!