Moving on up...back to University!

I'm moving back to Uni for my third and final year! Okay, so technically it's my fourth year, thanks to a 12 month stint as an intern in London following my second year exams, but course-wise it's my third.

For a girl that's used to amazing views of Northern England right outside her window, the trek back to London can be a shock to the system!

Roseberry Topping in the distance
Lovely Summer sky 
But after having done this twice before, you'd imagine I'd have a few things under control...

1. I would not, repeat NOT, need to buy anything else for my room, right? After spending wayyy too much money in IKEA every year, surely I have everything I need to make a tiny room cosy? Nope!

New bedding it is....and fairy lights, pillows, rugs, mugs, photo frames, vases, fake flowers, oh and a saucepan!

2. I would be mentally and financially prepared to be a student again...nope! Although I wasn't living on Simon Cowell kind of money during my internship, I was certainly getting more money than the lovely SFE provides and enjoying having some 9-5 structure to my days. Just how will I live on 13p a week!

3. I would have enough 'going out' clothes to last a lifetime...again, nope! ASOS to the rescue as usual, for those last few panic buys for freshers week. I now own 65,789 skirts and like about 2.5 of them. I will never have anything to wear. Typical female.
Over the past two weeks I have been in a constant state of excitement, anxiousness and stress. This is the last time I'll be moving back to Uni, living in halls and hearing the new 3,000 freshers asking each other What school did you go to? How did you do in exams? and What halls are you in?

I was one of them a few years ago...so here's to the next 8 months!