Juicing...the student way!

Juicing seems to have taken over the world, as in you can now get it just about anywhere!

Over the past 5 months I have dabbled in some myself...some have been successful, others just downright disgusting and a pain to push down the sink. Oh and a waste of food.

So when I decided to take the increasingly rotting and juicable food I had and mush it all together, I wasn't too hopeful.

Please note the colour... coincidence? I'd like to say no, but I am just not that much of a forward thinker.

What got mushed:

- Pineapple chunks...that I bought to snack on and never got around to it
- Carrots...that I bought with hummus, then ended up eating all of the hummus with pitta bread instead. Oops.
- Braeburn apples...bought 394, so could spare 2 for a juice.
- Lime...couldn't peel the bugger, so just cut it in half and squeezed it in. Handy.

A quick search on Pinterest or Google will help you find whatever type of juice recipe you're looking for. I tend to avoid the green ones. Mainly because they're a bit weird, look vile and make me feel like I should be carrying a chihuahua around the streets of LA.

I have officially dubbed this one my 'carrot-top' juice and placed it in the success pile! Next time I will try to incorporate more veg instead of fruit. Promise.