I admit it...I brought too much stuff!

When the big move finally arrived and I surveyed the 49392 bags I'd packed for Uni, I realised I had too much.
Mum trying to find where she went wrong raising me.
Even though there is a very valid and obvious use for everything I brought, I doubt much of it would make its way onto top priority packing lists worldwide.

One of the weirder items is empty perfume bottles. Yes, I keep them. Yes, they make my shelves look prettier. Yes, it is weird, but I will continue to do it in the future.

My toy frog Fiji...not the most conventional toy, but one hell of a hangover pillow.
A Gingerbread man...but we'll call this one an Auburnbread man.
Spot the Chloe...
Bought some new bedding from Next, even though I didn't need any, main thing that attracted me to it was the 'iron free bedding' sticker on it. I think they were being sarcastic.

I also brought my personal masseuse for the move. For someone that struggles with back and hip pain, it's a must and I cannot recommend it enough. Mine comes in the form of my little sisters friend, Chloe. She doubles as a hairdresser when she feels like it.

The move has actually taught me a lot about myself. For instance, I have wayyyy more patience than I ever thought possible. This heart photo montage took over an hour and about 42 metres of tape to construct. It wasn't even the posh double sided tape, more like the gotta-double-stick-it-and-now-its-stuck-to-my-hand-instead-of-the-photo type of tape. Cheap tape. I am that girl.

All in all I am happy with how the room is coming together! Now for the lectures to start...